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You have reached the web site of Rabbi Larry Tabick, rabbi of Shir Hayim, the Hampstead Reform Jewish Community and lecturer in Kabbalah and Hasidism at the Leo Baeck College.

If you wish to make more personal contact, you may email me at:  rabtab@tabick.abel.co.uk.

ballpurple.gif About me

Who is Larry Tabick? And how did he come to be doing this? 


ballblue.gif About the work I do

If you want to know more about Shir Hayim, the community I serve, click here.

If you want to know about the 'freelance' work I do, click here.

ballgreen.gif My Meshugas

When I was a student, I had a professor who told us at the very first lecture of his course: 'Every 


teacher has their own hobby-horse. The difference is... I'm going to tell you what mine is.' And he did. Well, in Hebrew/Yiddish, the word that best translates 'hobby-horse' is 'meshugas', and my meshugas is: Jewish mysticism in all its forms, Kabbalah and Hasidut (Hasidism) included. If this is of interest to you too, then check out some of the other pages of my web site.

ballmagenta.gif Mystical insights into Torah

Good News! The Jewish Publication Society has published a book of these teachings. Entitled The Aura of Torah, you can purchase it at the University of Nebraska Press


ballred.gif Sources of Jewish mysticism

    The product of many courses introducing the main ideas and classical literature of Jewish mysticism. Selections from texts ranging from the Bible to early modern times. 

    Currently featuring Moses Cordovero's meditations for the Ten Days of Repentance. 


ballwhite.gif How to pray

    Synagogue teachers and rabbis all over the world spend countless hours teaching people how to read the traditional Jewish prayers. Occasionally, they will help their students to explore the meaning of those prayers, but this article explores Jewish mystical texts (kabbalistic and hasidic) that teach the art and skill of praying Jewish-style. 


ballpurple-1.gif Stories and Poems

   Thanks to very good friends, some of Rabbi Larry's poems/meditations are now available in a beautifully designed book entitled

Growing Into Your Soul

GIYS cover.jpg


Originally intended as a gift book for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, but 'Rabbi Tabick's simple meditations offer a stimulus to the questing minds of not just the young, but anyone seeking to find meaning in the Jewish way of life.'

Contact me directly for a copy: rabtab@tabick.abel.co.uk.

Here are other original poems and stories dealing with moral life and the spiritual search.

  Binocular Vision...

  Ovadyah and the Mountain (story)

  Thoughts on Repentance

  Top Security (feminine version) (story)

  Top Security (masculine version) (story)

  The Lost King (story)

   The unseen thread, and other poems

   A Holiday from God, and other poems

   The Warrior to War, and other poems

   The Man and the Snail, and other poems

   Like Ben Zoma, and other poems

   Hypocrisy on the Ceiling, and other poems

   God and the Big Bank, and other poems

Thank you ...for dropping by. Hope to see you again soon. Lehitra'ot!




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